Deterministic Programs

Create and share regular programs just in your browser. From simple calculators to complex environmental models.

Stochastic Modeling

Use 24 probability distributions to build various stochastic models. Analyze results with histograms and summary statistics.

Bayesian Inference

Estimate posterior distributions of model parameters using Variational Inference and Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods.

Neural Networks

Create and train deep neural networks using a simple and intuitive graphical user interface.

Create new and explore existing models

Build models in the editor mode using different types of blocks, try multiple simulation methods (Rejection Sampling, MCMC, HMC and other)

Keep only what matters

Use and share your models in preview mode to hide inner logic, simulation details and keep only what matters - input and output

Analyze results

Various charts and descriptive statistics make it easier to extract insights from the data and samples


Compile your models into system binaries using our servers to use them as regular programs and get additional stats and speed improvements


More examples