1. 1 StatSim overview

    Learn how StatSim works and how to build a simple model using main building blocks (data block, random variable, expression and other)

  2. 2 Deterministic models

    What is modeling, deterministic models, how to design effective models

  3. 2.1 Models and Projects in StatSim

    Introduction to StatSim models

  4. 2.2 Data

    How to load data into a model, edit it using a table view, use data as a model input, as a constant, show it in output and analyze results

  5. 2.3 Expressions

    Make calculations with expression blocks, process arrays and tensors, conditional expressions, JavaScript.

  6. 2.4 Iterations and accumulators

    Create models that change in time, accumulate values, track changes with time-series charts.

  7. 3 Stochastic modeling

    How to deal with uncertainty, think in probabilities and work with random variables

  8. 3.1 Random variables & Distributions

    Add random variables to your models, choose correct probability distribution, analyze random output.

  9. 3.2 Function of Random Variables

    How to use a random variable in your model, function of random variables, accumulators, using random variable as a parameter

  10. 3.3 Conditioning

    Conditional probability, conditional distributions, rejecting specific samples

  11. 4.0 Bayesian inference

    Finding model parameters using Bayesian inference