1. Friedman-1 synthetic dataset

    Generate a synthetic dataset using the Friedman-1 function implemented in StatSim

  2. Bayesian robust linear regression

    Assuming non-gaussian noise and existed outliers, find linear relationship between explanatory (independent) and response (dependent) variables, predict future values.

  3. Bayesian A/B testing

    Compare conversion rates and calculate how likely one option is better than another in a probabilistic (bayesian) fashion.

  4. Bayesian linear regression

    Find linear relationship between variables in Bayesian way (using probability to measure uncertainty)

  5. Conversion rate estimation

    A simple probabilistic model that calculates a website conversion rate given two params (number of total visitors and number of conversions). The output measures uncertainty about the true value of conversion rate

  6. Predator prey model (Lotka–Volterra)

    Lotka–Volterra equations (predator–prey equations) are used to model dynamical relationship between predators and they prey

  7. Compound interest

    Compound interest model with annual deposits