About StatSim

StatSim was founded as an open-source app for statistical simulations and inference. The app is 100% free and available both for the web and as a stand-alone program. We provide paid services to make it possible for clients without statistical background to get insights from data and make future predictions.


  • Statistical modeling

    We create both deterministic and stochastic models based on domain knowledge and modeling best practises.

  • Data analysis

    We extract information from data and fit models using machine learning algorithms and Bayesian inference.

  • Predictions

    After we fit and select the best model, we can use it to predict future values with statistical simulations.


Almost every organization faces with uncertainties.
We help navigate through them with data analysis, modeling
and Bayesian inference.

  • Healthcare

  • Research

  • Finance

  • Manufacturing

  • Trade & Retail

  • Water Resources
  • Human Health Risk
  • Segmentation and Predictive Models
  • Churn Modeling
  • Price Optimization
  • Scoring and Rating models
  • Risk Prediction
  • Fraud and Abuse Detection
  • Quantitative Finance
  • Loyalty Program Analytics
  • Supply Chain & BPM
  • Marketing Simulation
  • Marketing Spend and ROI Analysis
  • Competitive Insurance Pricing
  • Loyalty programs analysis
  • Stocking Algorithms
  • Improving Surveys
  • Warranty Claims Modeling and Cost Analysis
  • And other...


In most cases the StatSim app works great and we use it.
We also use amazing statistical tools such as Stan, PyMC and Pandas